Picasso Marble Cabachon 7, $35

Funny story ... this 40 x 30 cab fell over in the light box. All of a sudden, it just seemed to naturally be an east/west cabachon. Very pretty!

Picasso Marble Cabachon 6, 30x40mm $35

This is another piece from the big slab from which Tim was able to get several pieces. This one has the lovely grays and blacks, with a generous helping of honey jasper.

Picasso Marble Cabachon 5, 22x30mm $35

This is a bit smaller, 30 x 40 mm. It was cut by Tim from the same slab as several other of our cabs.

Crazy Lace Cabachon 8 (Calm After The Storm), 30x40mm $35

Do you remember the "Danger On The High Seas" cabachon previously posted? This piece followed it out of the slab. It looks to me like a sunset over the ocean, and a little black sea bird is resting on the waves.

Picasso Marble Cabachon 4, 30x40mm $35

This 40 x 30 cab is mostly marble, beautiful gray and black, with a line of jasper running through it.

Picasso Marble Cabachon 3, 30x40mm $35

This is another big 40 x 30 mm cab that Tim cut from a big beautiful slab.

Noreena Jasper Cabachon 1, 20x30mm $25

Mystery Pendant 1, 30x40mm $35

Red Crazy Lace Agate with Druzy Cabachon 2, 20x30mm $25

Red Crazy Lace Agate with Druzy Cabachon 1, 30x40mm $35

Pretty Brown Stone Cabachon, 20x30mm $25

Can you identify this stone? The slab was small, big enough for only one cab to be cut, and mixed in with many other similar sized slabs. It looks sort of like the beginning of crazy lace at the top, but then seems to sort of morph into tiger's eye.

Crazy Lace Agate 2, 28x34mm $35

This is another slice from the same crazy lace rock in the previous post. This one if thicker with a fat girdle and higher dome. Shades of browns and grays blend into creams and whites to make a very lovely piece.

Crazy Lace Agate Cabachon 1, 28x34mm $25

This shiny crazy lace cab, featuring a nice chevron pattern in the lines of stone. It is a bit thin, with the highest point of the dome being approximately 4-5 mm high. Very glassy and allows lots of light to beam through when you hold it up to a light!

Blue Lace Freeform Agate 2, 19x30mm, $15

This approximately 19x30 mm freeform cab was made from the waste material of a large but unfinished cab. The blue chalcedony and white quartz lines are distinct and clear, yet still manages to convey a dreamy springtime sky.